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How To Get Excellent RSA Ad Strength Everytime

Google Ads retired Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) in June 2022 leaving Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) as the only text ads available to create moving forward.

Whereas ETAs consisted of only 3 Headlines and 2 Descriptions you could create the ad copy exactly how you wanted the user to see your ad when they search for your keywords. With RSAs you are required to provide up to 15 Headlines and 4 Descriptions, leaving it down to Google’s AI to determine which assets they show and in which positions.

On top of this, there is now an Ad Strength score of your ads, which can be any of the following 4:

  • Poor
  • Average
  • Good
  • Excellent

Ad Strength has two components: the overall rating that indicates the effectiveness of the ad in comparison to the ad group/keywords, and the specific item(s) that can improve the ad.

How can I improve my RSA ads?

When creating ads within the Google Ads platform the Ad Strength updates with every change you make to the Headlines or Descriptions. If you’re creating your ads in Editor then you need to click the Check Ad Strength button.

To the right of the live score you will see a list of suggestions from Google in order to improve your Ad Strength:

  • Add more headlines
  • Include popular keywords in your headlines
  • Make your headlines more unique
  • Make your descriptions more unique

Add more headlines is as straightforward as it gets. For your interest, the fewest headlines I’ve seen for an Excellent ad score is 8. But the more the merrier. This gives Google’s system more to choose between in order to find out which text works best.

Including your keywords in your ads is a neccessity. As someone who uses a lot of Single Ad Group Keywords and ad groups with very similar keywords this isn’t a problem for me. If your ad groups have a wide variety of keywords then you will need to do a bit of keyword spamming. Similarly, “near me” keywords usually require a bit of creativity.

These can cause problems for the third bullet point, which is making your headlines more unique. As well as your keyword(s) I advise adding a couple of calls to actions and USPs to make users want to click your ads. If you have 1 keyword I recommend getting that in 2-3 Headlines per RSA. You can use keyword insertion in your ads to improve you scorel. Also, you can be punished for pinning any of your headlines. So you may need to unpin everything if you want an Excellent score.

Similarly, descriptions need to be unique and unpinned. Including your keyword or most popular keywords in 1-2 of these.

Why should you improve your RSA Ad Strength?

The Ad Strength score for your Responsive Search Ads shows how well your ad creative is versus Google’s best practices. The higher the score will help maximise the performance of your ads and help lower your cost per click in the process.

By adding many assets enables Google to test many ad variations, and, ultimately, deliver the most relevant ads to your potential customers.

Still need help increasing your RSA Ad Strength? Get in touch today and I will be glad to help.