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Google Ad Preview Tool

The preview tool within Google Ads itself is not particularly great for mocks to send to your clients for approval. So I have provided a solution! Use my free Google Ad Preview Tool to view up to three proposed ads and take screenshots of them to send to your clients for sign off.

Negative Keywords List

When you’re creating a new account or taking over someone else’s, it’s always good to prevent wasted spent as soon as you can. This free negative keywords list for Google Ads and Bing Ads has numerous common terms that your ads often show up for without adding them as negatives. You can download it here.

YouTube Channel Exclusions

More than 8,000 kids’ YouTube Channels to exclude from your video campaigns to prevent wasted spend can be found here.

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If you’d like to discuss how I can increase your paid search profitability and return on investment, please get in touch.

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