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PPC Case Studies


My hospitality client had a £30,000 monthly budget but were hoping to see better returns. Started with an account restructure, including location-based campaigns, targeted Ad Copy, and negative terms. Within 3 months they had seen much greater returns on their PPC spend, with an average monthly revenue of over £100,000.

Increase in ROI
Increase in Conversion Rate
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Leads
Increase in Conversion Rate


I started with an account restructure with the finance client keen to increase leads and reduce the cost per lead. They were averaging 29 leads per month at a cost per lead of £204. Within a few months of my edits going live performance started to pick up, and ultimately, the average number of monthly leads I generated for them increased to 125 between January and July that year, with the average CPL falling to just £48. Needless to say, they were ecstatic.

Client Testimonials


Client was a national estate agent. They operated within many counties within the UK so I created a very precise Google campaign for the areas they covered. They had a monthly budget of £40,000. Over a 12-month period I reduced the cost of their quality leads to £16 on average. You can read the full Google Ads Property Portal case study here.

Avg Monthly Leads
Avg Cost per Lead
Google Ads Estate Agents Case Study
Decrease in Cost/Conv
Increase in Conversion Rate

eCommere Store

I took over an existing eCommerce store’s Google Ads from an agency after they had been losing money from their campaign. The changes I made resulted in their GDN campaigns’ cost per conversion dropping from £46 to £14. You can read the full Google Ads eCommerce case study here.

Google Ads eCommerce Case Study

Food Industry

A London restaurant chain paused their Google Ads in the summer due to poor performance from their appointed agency. They hired me in August to restructure the account and provide ongoing management. I was quicktly able to reduce the unprofitable £27 cost/booking to £18, whilst increasing the number of first-time customers. Read my full Google Ads food industry case study here.

Increase in Bookings
Decrease in Cost/Booking

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