How to Get the Most Out of Ad Extensions in 2024 - Barrie Smith - Freelance PPC Consultant
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How to Get the Most Out of Ad Extensions in 2024

Ad Extensions are a real asset in Google Ads. In fact, they recently changed their name to Assets.

They can play a big role in your Click-through Rate, Quality Score and Conversions.

With so many to choose from and with the big affect they can have on your performance, it is crucial that you use them correctly.

Here’s my guide on how to get the most out of your Google Ads Ad Extensions this year:

When sending a user to your landing page it’s vital that you match their search intent with the most relevant page on your site as possible. Creating specific landing pages for your PPC traffic is useful for doing just this.

Sitelink Extensions allow you to show four more landing pages beneath your main link. This not only increases the area your ad covers on Google but also send your users to more specific pages.

This allows you to match a users’ search intent with several options in your ad. With all this coverage, SItelinks can do wonders for your CTR.

Callout Extensions

In a competitive market you often only get one chance to attract users to your site through Google Ads, or they find your competitors and go with them instead. So adding all or as many of your USPs into your ads as possible can help sway users to choose to click on your ad,

Sometimes there simply isn’t enough room to squeeze them all in the ETA. That’s where Ad Extensions and Callout Extensions come in use in particular.

Whether you offer worldwide delivery, 24/7 customer service or free returns, this extension allows you additional space in your ad to showcase them.

Image Extensions

Since their launch in late 2021 I have seen a big increase in the Click-through rate and Conversions after adding Image Extensions for many of my clients.

These are exactly as you would imagine – an image next to your ad, whether it’s on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. They help your ad to stand out whilst also displaying your product or service to give the user a visual before the user clicks through.

Structured Snippets

This Ad Extension can be used for virtually any business and is certainly recommended to cover more ad space. Structured Snippet Extensions allows you to list your specific products or services. A good example is for travel agencies where you can list your destinations.

These are not hyperlinks but simply text below your descriptions in a list preceded by a header.

Call Extensions

Receive calls directly from your ads without users even visiting your website with Call Extensions. From experience these Ad Extensions work better for local and/or urgent services – such as plumbers, electricians or lawyers.

That’s not to say they don’t work for nationwide services either.

These extensions are often more expensive than your standard search ads but can be provide fantastic ROIs with a good sales team on the other side of the line.

Location Extensions

Another Ad Extension that is particularly useful to attract nearby users to your business. With Location Extensions you can drive footfall traffic to your physical store by displaying your address. This allows Google to show the distance they are from your shop and give them directions.

Local queries, particularly from mobile devices have been known to convert very highly, so make sure to take advantage of Location Extensions if you have a physical store.

Price Extensions

For many consumers, price is a major factor, if not the most crucial factor, when making a purchase.

Unless you have included the price in your text ad then your users have no way of knowing without clicking through and locating it on your site.

That is without Price Extensions. Adding these extensions to your ads allow users to see the price of your product or service without even clicking through to your site. As you can image, these have a high conversion rate as anyone who clicks through has not been put off by your price.

How to make Ad Extensions more likely to show

Even if your assets are approved they are not guaranteed to show with your ad all the time. There are a couple of factors to bear in mind:

The position of your ad in the search results. There’s a limited space available for ad assets, so ads in the the higher positions get the first oppounity for their assets to be shown. Ads in the lower positions generally have fewer assets displayed.

Your Ad Rank. This is a combination of the quality of your ad, landing page, your bid, the context of the user’s search and predicted impact of the asset.

Which assets you have enabled. Google displays the best performing and most useful combination of ad extensions in each auction.

Are Google Ad Extensions Free?

Google Ad Extensions are free and can be applied to all Search ads within an account, campaign, or ad group. Just like any of your ad types you only pay when someone clicks through to your landing page.

Why use Ad Extensions/Assets?

Your Ad Extensions should be giving users more reason to clickthrough to your landing page with a view of converting by the content they contain and not just for the fact that they help your ad take up more space in the search results. Adding Sitelinks or Images alone give your ads much greater visibility.

They should be helping you maximise the performance of your ads by adding more content such as USPs.

You should see a greater click-through rate for your ads when using assets compared to when/if you weren’t previously. And if your Google Ads campaign is already profitable then more relevant clicks should almost-certainly help increase the profitability.

Need help getting the most from your Ad Extensions/Assets? Get in touch today and I will be glad to help.