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How to Exclude YouTube from Google Display Campaigns

After setting up a Display campaign within Google Ads, you may start to notice that lots of the placements your ads are getting impressions and clicks on are coming from YouTube channels and videos. And during the course of your campaign running, they may start to eat away at your budget without contributing any conversions.

This post will show you how to exclude YouTube channels, videos or the whole of YouTube from your Google Display Network campaign.

Are My Display Ads appearing on YouTube?

If you’re unsure which sites, apps and channels your Display ads are appearing on in the first place, you can check within the Google Ads system itself. To see your placements, click on Insights and reports in the grey menu to the left and then click on Where ads showed above the table, as pointed out in the image below:

One of the columns in your table should be named Type, which lets you know which each of your placements are: YouTube, Site or Mobile App.

Excluding YouTube Channels and Videos

Within the table above you can manually select each of the YouTube videos, mobile apps and/or websites one-by-one and exclude them.

To exclude YouTube entirely, you will need to head further down the grey menu described above and click on the Content dropdown, followed by Exclusions. Then click on Topic exclusions and select Placement exclusions, as highlighted in the image below:

Then click the pencil icon in the blue circle below where it now says Placement exclusions

From the menu that has popped up, select the specific campaign you wish to exclude YouTube, YouTube channels or videos from.

From here you can click on either YouTube channels or videos and manually enter the ones you want to exclude from your Display campaign:

Exclude YouTube entirely

If you prefer to exclude the entire YouTube catalogue, then you simply need to ch9ose Websites from the list above, search for and click the tickbox next to it:

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